Audio Gear Reviews

All reviews related to audio gear such as speakers, headphones, audio production software & plugins, musical instruments, etc.


Klein + Hummel O 300D (professional studio monitors) - The 300D's are my main studio monitors for critical audio production work, and are widely considered one of the most respected high-end professional studio monitors ever made in the pro audio circle.

Logitech Z-5500 (multimedia surround speakers) - A reasonably priced consumer-grade surround speakers systems with a good reputation. I use it for gaming and watching movies.

Audioengine A2 (small desktop speakers) - One of the best reviewed small computer desktop speakers out there. I use them as traveling speakers, when I know I'll be staying at a place where I'll be setting up my laptop and have a place to sit down and do work for prolonged periods of time.


Stax SR-007 MK2 + SRM-717 (full-size open electrostatic headphones + amp) - The flagship headphone system before the SR-009 took over the spot. This review also includes comparisons with the Audio-Technica ATH-M50, Sennheiser HD650, HD600, and HD555.

Audez'e LCD-2 (full-size open planar-magnetic headphones) - This is currently my main headphone that I use for both critical audio work and leisure listening.

Denon AH-D7000 (full-size sealed dynamic headphones) - Denon's flagship headphone. Fun sonic signature, but not very accurate.

Westone 4 (In-Ear-Monitor / Ear-Canal Headphones) - A comparison review that includes the Shure SE535, SE530 PTH, E4C, and Westone 3.

Shure SE535 (In-Ear-Monitor / Ear-Canal Headphones) - A brief review of the Shure SE535.

Various headphones & amp auditioning impressions - While during a trip to Taiwan, I auditioned various headphones and amps such as the Sennheiser HD800, AKG K701, K601, Ultimate Ears 10 Pro, Westone UMX3, Etymotic ER-4P, Stax 007 MKII + SR-717, Victor/JVC HA-DX1000, Audio-Technica ATH-W1000X, Audio-Technica ATH-ES10, Denon AH-D5000, Grado Alessandro MS-Pro, Corda Symphony.2, and the SPL Phonitor amp.

Audio Interface & Sound Cards

Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium - A popular soundcard, but quite buggy and has unstable driver.


Musical Instruments & MIDI Controllers

Zendrum LT video review & demonstration of mapping and playing techniques:

Icon iKEY (mini-sized MIDI keyboard controller) - A mini-sized keyboard controller that's a bit too cheaply made for actual expressive playing, but can handle on/off triggering fine. I use it as a keyswitch for sample libraries.

Korg Nano series MIDI controllers & Zoom MRS-8 multi-track recorder (mini-sized MIDI controllers) - Trio of mini-sized keyboard, drum trigger, and DAW controllers.


Audio software/plugins

IK Multimedia ARC System (room/speaker correction plugin) - This plugin is one of the most important ones you could ever get for your audio system, because unless you are a high-end mastering engineer working in an expensive, expert-designed mastering studio, your listening room probably has lots of acoustic problems with room modes. This plugin will correct most of those problems.