Sound Design / Synth Programming

I love doing sound design. It's a lot like sculpting with sound, which is a different kind of creative thinking than composing and arranging music. When I do sound design, I take it pretty seriously, and I would never fill up a bank with random knob twiddling--I always test out the presets thoroughly to make sure they are musical, playable, and interesting. I try my best to volume match all the presets (when the synth allows it), and I always label them properly so it's easy to navigate through them. I also include a text file that explains the presets and how to best play them (for example, if the modwheel does something very specific, or a preset is meant to be played only in certain octaves...etc).

Whenever I have a new batch of presets done, I'll post them here for people to download. If you have taken the time to download them and try them out, I'd appreciated a little feedback--you know, just to see if you liked them or not, and what could be improved.

(By the way, some people may not be aware of this, but the sound clips in the MP3 demos below are protected under the same copyright laws as any other original compositions, so please be aware of that.)

Latest Downloads:

Synth1 (presets bank) - Synth1 (by Toda Ichiro) is one of the most famous and beloved free software synthesizers out there. It is widely considered one of the very best, and often places very high in the top free softsynths of all time lists. You can read reviews of Synth1 here.

The presets I designed were very eclectic and covers a wide range of styles--from ambient, melodic, to hardcore. If you are a fan of System Shock 2 (one of the best PC games ever made), there's a preset in the bank that would make you smile. Here's an audio demo of me demoing some of the presets:

Synth1 (presets)

Download Audio


To download Synth1, click on the picture:


Smartelectronix Galactix (presets) - Galactix is an interesting little freeware synth that's very simple to program. The layout is a bit unconventional, and the programming parameters are not exactly by the book either, but it's quite simple to get results from--it's almost impossible to make bad presets with it--that's why I picked it as my first try at synth programming (and as my first, I hadn't developed a good working habit yet, so the presets weren't named with category prefixes and there's no meticulous volume matching). You can read reviews of GalactiX here.

To download Galactix, click on the picture: