With this piece, I tried to experiment with looser brushwork, while maintaining enough detail so that it doesn't veer off into impressionistic territory. While painting this piece, I came to the conclusion that the pure joy of painting traditionally could never be captured by the digital medium. The kind of nuance, sublety, variation, and marvelous brushwork that you get from traditional painting is only mimicked and imitated--much in the same way of a synthesizer trying to recreate a symphony. No matter how advanced the synthesizer is, it'll always sound awkward compared to the real orchestra, and not nearly as complex or moving. (I don't want to get into the discussion of highend sampling libraries here, since that has more to do with recording actual instruments one note and one articulation at a time, than actually synthesizing, which is what painting softwares does.) At this point, I think I'm about ready to jump back into traditional painting for my personal works because I really miss it, and cannot get the same satisfaction out of digital painting. For commerical works, digital is still the logical choice though.