This was one of the early pieces I did with Corel Painter. It was a refreshing departure from working with Photoshop. I found out later when the Corel Painter Development team contacted me, that they had purchased a print of this piece and hung it in their office as a source of inspiration--to see what their customers had done with their product. That lead to my work being featured in Painter X's splash screen.



This is the cropped/enchanced version that was used for the d'artiste: Digital Painting book cover, which I co-authored.


The reference for this painting was a magazine clipping I liked, but the painting looks very different from the reference, as I made significant changes to the face, the body proportions, the colors, the background, and the lighting. This piece was the last piece I based on reference that wasn't my own. Since then, I've been shooting my own reference material.