About Me

In a nutshell:

I am an artist, composer, writer, director, and photographer. These diverse creative passions have resulted in a career that spans various creative fields from music, writing, film, television, video games, comic books, to photography. My love for creativity in all forms has been and will be the guiding light of my life.

We are only human, fragile and flawed, but in our moments of radiance we are capable of such profound beauty. Our aspiration for creating and living in those moments are what gives this life meaning for me.

Some random stuff about me:

- I go by Robert Chang in publications or other official situations, and in daily life I go by Rob. My online nickname is Lunatique.

- If you want the detailed bio, then grab a bag of popcorns and head on over to Really Long Bio (good read for insomniacs).

- My wife Elena (Kitty Cat) is the most important person in my life. Here's a page dedicated to her. There's also the Kitty Cat Diary, a photography section dedicated to her.

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Contact & Social Media:

Email - My email is in the F.A.Q. section.

I'm on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter as well. I also have a Youtube Channel (but haven't posted new videos in a long time). so have a twitter account dedicated to K-Pop:

For blogging, as you can see, I'm hosting my own WordPress.